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Fast Statistic V2 Data Statistical and Graphical Analysis tool for MS Excel

     Fast Statistics is an easy to use Statistical and Graphical Analysis tool for MS Excel , it can work as an Excel add-in and stand-alone software without excel installed , perform from basic data manipulations to the most advanced statistical analyses and produce sophisticated reports and charts. This is a ideal tool for Six Sigma, descriptive statistics, ANOVA, regression, dummy regression, intelligent data input, factor analysis, nonlinear regression, box plots, nonparametric tests, and correspondence analysis.

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Fast Statistics V2 released on
[Easy to Use]
works as an Excel Add-ins
Read and edit Excel 95/97/2000/XP files (do not need MS Excel installation)
Intelligent data input system
Comprehensive HTML Help

[Data and File Management]
Export HTML Statistical and Graphical Analysis report
Import and export: Excel, text, and other data formats
Import Microsoft Excel workbook sheets individually
support import currency formats
Data manipulation
Search and replace in Data window
support Double-precision worksheets

[Simulation and Distributions]
Random number generator
Density, distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions

Basic statistics: Display descriptive statistic, Correlation, Covariance

Hypothesis test: Sign test, Wilcoxon rank sum test, Z test, T test, Chi squared test, F test

Analysis of Variance(ANOVA): One way ANOVA, Two way ANOVA, Interaction plot, Main effect plot

Regression: Multiple linear regression, Dummy-variable regression, Non-linear regression

Nonparametrics : Friedman, Kruskal-Wallis
Goodness of Fit
Time Series: Trend analysis, Moving average, Single exponential smoothing, Double exponential smoothing, Decomposition, Winters Method, Autocorrelation, Autocovariance, Partial autocorrelation

DOE: Full factorial design, Fractional factorial design, Analyze factorial design, Factorial plot

Pictorial gallery and streamlined dialog boxes simplify graph creation

Interactively edit attributes (axes, scale, etc.) and recreate custom graphs with new data

Intuitive tool to place multiple graphs on one page
Set your own preferences for graph attribute defaults
support Rotating, Scrolling and Moving 3D data graphs
Generate Animation chart
Basic Graph: Line, HorizLine, Area, Point(Scatter), Bar, HorizBar, Pie, Shapes, Stairs Line, Arrows, Bubble

Statistical Graph: Histogram, Box plot, Contour, Time series plot, 3D plot, Probability plot

Quality Control Charts: X chart, R chart, S chart, P chart, NP chart, C chart, U chart, Pareto chart, EWMA

Capability analysis

Fast Statistics includes more than 50 functions covering data and statistical-analysis requirements (preparing, describing, analyzing, and modeling data). Excel utilities have also been included to facilitate charting and data manipulation. Complementary modules are available.

Fast Statistic also gives professionals engaged in quality improvement the powerful, reliable, and easy to use tools they need to effectively analyze hard data while managing large and complex projects. It is the ideal package for Six Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From Statistical Process Control to Design of Experiments, it offers you the methods you need to implement every phase of your quality project.
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"Wide variety of functions to enhance the analytical capabilities of Excel. Quick, reliable, easy to install and to use - and well-priced, making it a ideal tool for data analysis and statistics requirements. "
"Good Product! I don't know where fast statistics was hidding all these years - they deserve to be better known. I am amazed at this tool, its simplicity but yet advanced features. Try it out! "
Mark Steward - HR-Manager, Steward&Son
"Simply great! Nice and intuitive graphical illustration of the statistical profiles. "
Thomas Clayton
"Impressive! Seems to cover the complete statistical data process - very useful."
Ann Larson - Recruit Direct Ltd.
"thank you, just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this new tool from fast statistic - congratulations guys - you've done it again "
Marcus Thompson
"I have been delighted with the program to date, and have found it easy to use, and of immense value to my data analysis. It is wonderful not to have to change data from one program to another to carry out analysis."
James C. Awe
"Let me congratulate you on Fast statistic. It is the most impressive statistics add-in for Excel that I have seen so far"
Zory Reznikov
"Thank you for developing Fast Statistics. Easy label saved me a lot of time and I'm having fun running statistical analysis with the other tools"
John Payne
"Great software! I'll be using it with my students"
Michael Trevino

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